Meet us

A lifetime in the bird world

Three decades of experience in the bird world

We are a married couple who have dedicated our whole lives to birds and parrots. This is actually how we met. We know firsthand the importance of enriching the lives of our winged companions. We are fortunate to live on a ranch, which we call The Grove, full of fruit trees, located between Miami and the Everglades.

We strive to get you high-quality parrots at affordable prices. From our point of view, high-quality parrots means not only that they look beautiful, but also that they are psychologically healthy developed.

  • All babies belong to our small collection of parrots. We do not buy to resell.

  • We do not economize on costs.

  • Their diet is of the highest possible quality. We only use Psittacus products.

  • Babies grow up with their siblings, so they have the opportunity to develop their identity as parrots.

  • We follow environmental enrichment protocols so that they have the opportunity for motor and psychological development.

  • We follow strict hygiene and sanitation protocols.

Baby room

Managed by Èlia

The grove

Managed by David

Èlia Viader

Psychologist with a lifetime experience in ethology, and veterinary assistant.

David Garcia

Animal rights lawyer specialized in birds.

International acknowledgement

Èlia is the daughter of the founders of Psittacus Catalonia. She started helping in the nursery at an early age. She has hand-reared more than 10,000 parrots.

Animal law and rights

David is one of the few bird lawyers in the world. Among various tasks, he leads breeders' meetings in the USA. He is passionate about parrots and has a small collection.

International events

Both have been speakers at international parrot congresses and fairs.

Our center and work is linked to and collaborating with Psittacus Foundation.

Working for bird's welfare