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Nanday conure

Scientific name: Aratinga nenday

Our price: $800

Dusky conure

Scientific name: Aratinga weddellii

Our price: $800

Jenday conure

Scientific name: Aratinga jandaya

Our price: $800

Sun conure 

Scientific name: Aratinga solstitialis

Our price: $750 // $1,200 (red factor)

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We can add you to the waiting list without commitment to adopt.

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Other small-sized parrots


Lories and lorikeets:




Prices are valid from January 2023. We reserve the right to update them at any time. Contact us for price of species not published. Contact us to get the retailer prices.

The parrot comes with:

· One bag of baby formula and a syringe (if needed), a bag of pellets. 

· Adoption certificate. This document identifies the parrot (ring number, species, sex), us (our license number and name of the corporation), and the adopter (name, ID number, telephone/email).

· Detailed explanations on its feeding schedule and how to finish the weaning process.

· A carrier with a cute stuffed animal. The carrier will vary depending on the required shipping.

Remember to have the cage ready and plenty of food before receiving your parrot.  If you need advice, please let us know and we will help you. 

Read the section of this website "Care tips" for guidelines.

Before receiving your bird:

· If you asked to get the little one before having all the pin feathers opened, that is the bird does not fly yet, you need to have:

- High bin: https://www.target.com/p/sterilite-66qt-clearview-latch-box-clear-with-purple-latches/-/A-13794509 

- Shavings 

· If your new family member is fully feathered, you need the cage set up. 

You can find detailed information on our recommended products, cage and so on at the "Care tips" section in this website.


National shipping ranges between $200 and $300. The bird will be shipped on Delta Cargo. The cost for shipping is cost of flight + cost of create. We will send you the booking information once the flight is booked. And the BOL once the bird is handed over to Delta. With the BOL, you can track the shipment and see when the flight arrives at the airport. You will need to pick up the bird at the cargo desk once it arrives.  

All our parrots are handed over when pin feathers are opening, unless it's agreed otherwise. This occurs at about 4-5 weeks of age. 

Our recommendations on conures:

Our recommendations on macaws

Others general recommendations:

Payment methods

Payments are processed via Zelle, check, cash, deposit or transfer. 

Paypal is not available as it is against Paypal terms. At the moment, we do not accept credit or debit card. 


Don't find something? Contact us as we will do our best to offer great customer service and one on one personalized attention.

The published price is per parrot and does not include shipping or any additional services or tax.

All sales are final. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations.

A parrot is reserved when the payment is received. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, especially if it jeopardizes the future welfare of the animal.

Once a bird leaves our facilities, we cannot be held responsible for any incident. 

If you have any problems or issues with anything at all please contact us so we can help.